Stressless Seating Area Signage on Concourse B

It’s the most popular seating area on the concourses. 

Your brand and messaging is seen by all who pass by and provides high-recall to those who make it a point to “grab one of those Stressless Ekornes leather recliners by gate B7.”   

21′ wide x 47″ tall signage on Concourse B overlooks the Stressless seating area.

Three printed panels make up the 21′ wide x 47″ tall wall display.

Electrical outlets on the wall are available for advertisers who wish to power up a their own signage presentation. 

Beginning with new advertisers, the airport will return the chair assembly to face the wall and advertising signage as in picture below. 

Please see annual and monthly pricing breakdowns below.
Soft-Play Zone Sponsor 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year
$/Per Month 542 488 461 407
Annual Investment 6,500 5,850 5,532 4,883

One time production from camera ready art for 21′ wide x 47″ tall full color printed Arlon, matte deep crystal on 6mm black sinter with 5 v-clips and installation is $1,950.